Getting Jenkins ready for Node.js and AngularJS testing

Setting up Jenkins for Node.js + Mocha testing and such Install this stuff Node.js via Nave git clone* ./bin/ usemain v.0.8.9 Mocha npm install -g mocha ChaiJS npm install -g chai xunit-file (Mocha custom report for Jenkins) npm install -g xunit-file Jshint npm install -g jshint Nock npm install -g nock Supertest npm install -g supertest Testacular npm install -g testacular PhantomJS npm install -g phantomjs Here is a handy script that will install v0.

Setup PHPunit for testing Zend Framework application

This was how I set up PHPUnit with my Zend Framework application. I’m very new to testing and have never set it up before. Need to get PHPunit installed on the Apple Mac Try typing this in the command line (btw I prefer iTerm over the built in terminal). whereis phpunit I tried a few different ways to install php, I’m not sure which one eventually installed it, but….