Magento and Zend Server checkout redirect to cart [solved]

[![IMG_3623.JPG](]( I installed Zend Server CE on one of my machines. The next day I noticed that you could not checkout from the website. It would bring you to the to the Billing Address, then after you hit “continue” it would redirect you back to the checkout page. No errors that I could see. Then I remember a problem I had many moons ago that was very similar and a forum comment jogged my memory.

Magento Upload HTTP Error [SOLVED]

This was a strange error with Magento. I was in a product, trying to upload an image. The image would upload fine, but then error out with “Upload HTTP Error”. I changed permissions up and down the /media and /var directories and made them as loose with permissions as I could. Still no change. Then I happened upon this comment in the forums. To anyone that has a HTTP upload error AND has a password protected store directory (for under construction reasons): remove the directory password protection and you’ll be able to upload your files again!

Lessons in Magento Today

Printing the SKU in the cart Simple or Configurable To print the sku in the shopping cart, even for Configurable (it will print the underlying simple product sku). Place this code somewhere in: app/design/frontend/default/default/template/checkout/cart/item/default.phtml if (is_object($this->getChildProduct())): echo $this->getChildProduct()->getSku(); else: echo $_item->getSku(); endif; This will now print the sku… onto more work. Reference:

Google Optimizer for a Magento CMS Home Page

This will guide you on how to set up Google Optimizer in Magento for the Home page. It’s a little confusing, but isn’t everything when you first encounter it? Enable Google Website Optimizer in the Magento Configuration This is located under System > Configuration > Google API > Google Website Optimizer. Change “Enable” to Yes, then click “Save Config” Create Variant of your Home Page In Magento go to: CMS > Manage Pages

Magento broken USPS shipping rates after January 4, 2010

Our great USPS decided to make some slight name changes to their delivery methods. So you need to change a core file app/code/core/Mage/Usa/etc/config.xml You’ll need to change any instance of ‘First Class’ -> ‘First-Class’ and get ride of ‘(EMS)’ <usps> <active>0</active> <sallowspecific>0</sallowspecific> <allowed_methods>Bound Printed Matter,Express Mail,Express Mail Flat-Rate Envelope,Express Mail Flat-Rate Envelope Hold For Pickup,Express Mail Flat-Rate Envelope Sunday/Holiday Guarantee,Express Mail Hold For Pickup,Express Mail International,Express Mail International (EMS) Flat-Rate Envelope,Express Mail PO to PO,Express Mail Sunday/Holiday Guarantee,First Class Mail International Large Envelope,First Class Mail International Letters,First Class Mail International Package,First Class,First Class Mail,First Class Mail Flat,First Class Mail International,First Class Mail Letter,First Class Mail Parcel,Global Express Guaranteed,Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Non-Rectangular,Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Rectangular,Library Mail,Media Mail,Parcel Post,Priority Mail,Priority Mail Flat-Rate Box,Priority Mail Flat-Rate Envelope,Priority Mail International,Priority Mail International Flat-Rate Box,Priority Mail International Flat-Rate Envelope,Priority Mail International Large Flat-Rate Box,Priority Mail Large Flat-Rate Box,USPS GXG Envelopes</allowed_methods> <container>VARIABLE</container> <cutoff_cost></cutoff_cost> <free_method></free_method> <gateway_url>http://production.

Magento and Memcache with some weird bugs

When I launched some larger sites on Magento in August 2009 I was sold on the slight performance increase that memcache provided the cart. However, I ran into a few bugs and other anomalies that have caused me to abandon the use of memcache with Magento. Please note, it could be my implementation that was causing the problem since it was my first foray into memcache. Two problems Magento and Memcache caused

Getting the Secure (HTTPS) url for Magento

Say you want to redirect a customer to a URL. In Magento you’d invoke this little bit of code to produce the URL. Mage::getUrl(’//post’) This will produce a url like<module>/<controller>/post. The ‘*’ just inserts the current module and controller. Now you want to redirect to the secure version. Easy. Just simply say so Mage::getUrl(’//post’, array(’_secure’=>true)) Now that was simple.

Magento Search Results

Search seems so simple on the surface, but inside it’s a very complex thing (just ask Microsoft why they still haven’t beaten Google at this game). Magento offeres some search options for products, but it’s search is not ‘awesome’, but just OK. Here are some options I’ve found that return a small set of products that are most accurate. System > Config > Catalog > Catalog Search 1. Search Type = Combine (Like and Fulltext) - This will catch plurals pretty good as well as slight spelling variants

After a Magento upgrade, refreshing the Magento cache gives a blank white error screen.

So you’ve successfully upgraded Magento and now you’re rolling live on the new code and db…. You did remember to save a copy DB incase you have to back track? You go to the Cache Management page and try to refresh the cache (just because you want to cover all your bases). After clicking the button with confidence you get a white screen, no alerts, no friendly exception report, just white.