Getting Jenkins ready for Node.js and AngularJS testing

Setting up Jenkins for Node.js + Mocha testing and such Install this stuff Node.js via Nave git clone* ./bin/ usemain v.0.8.9 Mocha npm install -g mocha ChaiJS npm install -g chai xunit-file (Mocha custom report for Jenkins) npm install -g xunit-file Jshint npm install -g jshint Nock npm install -g nock Supertest npm install -g supertest Testacular npm install -g testacular PhantomJS npm install -g phantomjs Here is a handy script that will install v0.

Using Testacular with Jenkins for AngularJS e2e Testing

Rollcall! AngularJS in your code ✓ Jenkins ✓ Node.js is installed on the Jenkins server? ✓ Testacular is installed on the Jenkins server ✓* PhantomJS is installed on the Jenkins server ✓ If that’s what you’re using, this is how I set up testing on the Jenkins server. Create a new job in Jenkins Pull from Git (or whatever), Trigger how you want too. That’s not germane to this article.