They shoot email, don't they?

So the year is 2013, you send an email off to two coworkers and cc four other people in the company. Think for a minute the utter black hole of despair you just created for six people. Six poor souls now have to read your email and file it away. Let’s take a look at what you’ve set in motion. Disruption Undoubtedly six of these targets will get a notification on their screen that there is a new email from you.

The One Desk to Rule Them All

It’s time to give up the dedicated office and scale down to something a little smaller and more compact. I think I’ve struck a nice balance. Behold! I give you a renaissance of the Drop Front Secretary Solid Wood Desk. This desk has been in the family for a while. I think my grandparents had this desk in their house, with a few upgrades I’ve made into a modern convertible sitting desk + standing desk.

Another great use for Evernote, tracking search results with screen shots.

I have on occasion the necessity to track Google results of key terms for clients of mine. I usually grab a quick screen shot of the search results for that term. This is quite simple on a mac. Here is where Evernote rocks Instead of just random screen shots, I can drag or paste those screenshots into a note in Evernote. I could tag the note with key terms, but why bother?

Picking a domain name

Do you have the perfect business you are going to start? Is your business long been established with a well known name? In either case you need to make a critical choice when choosing a name for your website. Once you launch your site with a name, it’s hard to change without running into some pitfalls. A little bit of fore thought could save lots of problems for you and your visitors.

Working SMART... in One Minute

I came across a blog post today on working SMART. When managing people you need to work SMART which is Specific Measurable Achievable Reasonable Timeboxed It reminds me of similar advice from the One Minute Manager

Minnesota Taxes for Web Development

From the Minnesota Department of Revenue on Web Development Taxes Web page development is not taxable. The service provider must pay sales or use tax on items purchased to produce the web page, such as photography, software packages, graphics, sound, or video. The document can be found at

Good Advice to Live By

Jeff Atwood has a great Coding Horror: The Ultimate Code Kata filled with some really good references even though the post seems to be targeted at programming, the references are much more broad than that. In summary, he admonishes his readers to ‘effortful study’ of their domain. Effortful Study This can mean many things, but let me summarize what it I’ve learned so far in life. It’s not just enough to do something to be really good at.

So it begins...

Some good quotes I’ve read today “A little learning is a dangerous thing” -Alexander Pope “Everyone can be taught to sculpt, Michelangelo would have to be taught how not to.” Now go tackle your day.