Error Description: 0 on Nginx with Drupal and Secure Pages

A curious error message popped up after I moved my Drupal sites to Nginx. It would only happen on AJAX type changes, but not all of them. I first noticed it when I went to change the author of a node. Then when I tried to change a View I received this error message. After checking the logs on Nginx and watching what happens using Firebug’s Net panel, it occurred to me that Drupal was making an HTTP “OPTIONS” request.

Drupal Simplified Contact Form

A site I’m working on has a simple contact us form in the footer of every page. I didn’t want the long drawn out contact form with all the name, subject, email, message fields. Here is what I did. Installed the formblock module Easy enough, install the module, enable the block so that the contact form now shows in the footer. Simplify the contact form Now we want to hide some of the fields in the contact form.