Performing a 'like' match in MongoDB

So looking through the Doctrine ODM docs on Query Building, I didn’t see anything that lent itself to a like query such as that is found in MySQL. There isn’t a like, option, but using Regular Expressions will work just fine for me. $queryBuilder-field('title')-equals(new \MongoRegex('/keyword/i')); That will perform a case-insensative query for the term ‘keyword’ in the field ‘title‘ Resources

Doctrine Query Cache driver memcache when using ZFDoctrine

According to Doctrine’s documentation, you should always utilize a Query Cache. You should always use query cache in a production environment. That said, you can easily use it during development, too. Whenever you change a DQL query and execute it the first time Doctrine sees that it has been modified and will therefore create a new cache entry, so you don’t even need to invalidate the cache. That said, you need to add the following configuration options in application.

Zend Framework - Doctrine ORM strange Zend Tool behavior.

Zend Framework… awesome. Doctrine ORB… awesome. Both of these combined…. PURE AWESOME. I set up a project just at it says to on this page It took some doing, but I got it working and was quite happy with my initial results. Then I needed to start a new project, so I just copied all the files, tweaked the DB name was flying with a new project… with one caveat.

Magento and setroubleshoot causing certain pages to die.

Some pages in Magento were giving just a white page, with no indication of errors in Zend Server console or log files. This was apparently a memory issue, so I restarted the web server and all was fine. One issue I noticed was the server “setroubleshoot” was taking 12% of the systems memory. This program just logs issues with SELinux and it seems SELinux doesn’t like my Magento install. I have SELinux just set to ‘warn’, but I may want to disable it all together.