Thunderbird Offline Limits

I’m a long time user of Thunderbird and recommend it over most email programs for email usage. I’ve found problems with the way Thunderbird handles offline email. I have a client that has 50,000 emails in his Archive folder. The offline behavior of Thunderbird for this client is very flaky. A little background. There are different ways to store emails in files. One way called mbox stores all emails of a folder in one file.

Color Picker Application for Apple Mac OS X

To create websites and graphics being able to pick colors is important. Many times you see a great color and you want to sample and get the HEX number of the color to use. In the past I’ve used the ColorZilla extension for Firefox. This worked very well, has many options, but one draw back, you can only sample colors in Firefox. Then I stumbled across a post on Mac OS X Hints.

Zebra Stripes in OpenOffice Calc

Open Office is a great alternative to Microsoft Office. It does lack in some areas where as MS Office might provide an easy way to accomplish a task, OpenOffice can usually do it with a little bit of acrobatics. Zebra Striping in Calc With Calc opened up, view the Styles and Formatting window (Format > Styles and Formatting) Right click in the empty white space of that box and select “New” Name the new cell style “odd” Change the background color of the cell to a color of your desire Click OK Repeat step #2 and create a style called “even” Change the background color to a different color of your choice Click OK Select the range of cells that you want to zebra strip Click Format > Conditional Formatting… Change the values in that box to match these The brains of this operation is the MOD(ROW();2)=0 and MOD(ROW();2)=1 To tweak the formatting just edit the styles “odd” and “even”

TextMate Cheat Sheet

I create Cheat Sheets for many different things. You actually gain more from creating them than actually using them. The best way to learn something is to teach it Inspired by gunther groenewege’s TextMate cheat sheet I decided to create my own and add some other shortcuts. Since I’m a big advocate of Open Source. I’ll post the OpenOffice version and the PDF version. TextMate Cheat Sheet (ODS) TextMate Cheat Sheet (PDF)