iTerm open tab in current working directory

I can’t believe I lived so long without looking for a fix to a common issue I have while in iTerm2. Maybe I’m running some GruntJS task that is updating the screen, but I want to do something in the CWD. So I would open another tab ⌘ + t, then cd ... to my cwd. Instead just tell iTerm you want new tabs to open in the CWD. Open up iTerm2 preferences ⌘ + , Go to Profiles > General Now click on Edit under Advanced Configuration for Working Directory Now just select when you want it to open in the same directory like so Now you have an extra 10 seconds a day to do with whatever you want….

Problems using VirtualBox to access sites on the net

Background I’ve set up my VirtualBox to access my localhost (OSX) by following instructions similar to this post, using NAT. Everything was great until I started testing the staging site on the net (not my localhost). Most things worked fine, but uploading larger images would just fail in IE. Uploads worked fine on the localhost, but failed on stage, so I initially thought it was a configuration on the staging server webserver.