PHP inet_aton to store IP address in MySQL Database

PHP inet_aton to store IP address in MySQL Database

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Don’t store IP addresses in a database as a string like ( That is just the human readable form of that number. You want to store it in the database as an integer.

MySQL has built in functions to handle converting a dot-notation ip address to an integer equivalent.

` mysql> SELECT INET_ATON(‘’) AS ipn; +------------+ | ipn | +------------+ | 3232235530 | +------------+

mysql> SELECT INET_NTOA(3232235530) AS ipa; +--------------+ | ipa | +--------------+ | | +--------------+ ` But, I needed this type of functionality in PHP itself. Long story short, I’m using Doctrine to handle the relationship that PHP has to the database and I need to convert the human readable dot-notation IP address to the integer style (unsigned integer that is).

PHP’s built in function ip2long comes close, but there is a little bit more to work the magic.


$ip = long2ip(ip2long(“”)); print sprintf(“%u”, ip2long($ip));



is used to convert the signed integer to an unsigned one.

Ready to be inserted into the DB.