My Docker Cheatsheet

My Docker Cheatsheet

Simply a reference for you and I

Cleaning images

  • docker system prune: Works good enough to reclaim some space.
  • docker rmi $(docker images -q -f dangling=true): Removes all the images you are not using now.
  • docker volume rm $(docker volume ls -qf dangling=true): Removes all the volumes you are not using now.


Docker supports finding images by globs

docker images "pattern-of-images-*"


docker system df
docker system df -v

Remove all images that are not used by container. The -a tells Docker to remove all unused images, without it Docker only removes dangling (untagged) images.

docker image prune -a

Cool commands I don’t think I’ll ever use

  • docker system events: real time event logging e.g. when you delete an image, it’ll show like this.
    2021-02-23T11:35:14.566623900-06:00 image untag sha256:d0e7e8b4a50ae240e50888f4efe46bbad5583ff1f384e522717aeb981d417e10 (, name=sha256:d0e7e8b4a50ae240e50888f4efe46bbad5583ff1f384e522717aeb981d417e10)
    2021-02-23T11:35:15.952564700-06:00 image delete sha256:d0e7e8b4a50ae240e50888f4efe46bbad5583ff1f384e522717aeb981d417e10 (name=sha256:d0e7e8b4a50ae240e50888f4efe46bbad5583ff1f384e522717aeb981d417e10)