David and Goliath

Malcom Gladwell

Premise: the perceived weakness could be a hidden Strength

What I learned 

In WW2, England was fearing the eventual bombings that would come to London. They thought if the city was bombed by Germany, it would result in mass hysteria.

To the contrary, it created three types of groups.

  1. The dead: If a bomb fell on your neighbor’s house, they would likely die. The thing to keep in mind, the dead don’t talk and have no influence on the living.
  2. The Near Miss: If a bomb fell on your neighbor’s house, you might get hurt, but you would have survived. Having survived, you are now more emboldened, thinking that you can survive anything.
  3. The Remote: If a bomb fell on the house down the street, it wouldn’t really affect you at all.

They found that people started to almost ignore the sirens. Kids playing in the streets didn’t stop because the bombers were coming. The exact opposite of what they feared.