Converting Audio to a CCK FileField content type for Drupal 6

Hold on Cowboy

This blog post is pretty old. Be careful with the information you find in here. It's likely dead, dying, or wildly inaccurate.

This is the script I used to convert our Audio content type to CCK FileField content type.


  1. I created a content type called podcast
  2. Copy the following script to a file convert.php and place it in your website’s DocumentRoot
  4. Run the script by going to your website
  5. Done… now the audio nodes show be podcast nodes and will work.


This was of limited help

Did this help you out? It took me a few days to piece together all this information together, I hope this saves you some time (who knows, maybe the future me will be thankful I wrote this down). Let me know your thoughts. [email protected]