Poedit and phtml files giving error from xgettext

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I had just set up a Poedit for a project at work and was trying to update the *.po file with new translations. It wasn’t finding a whole load of them.

After a while of poking around, it dawned on me that it was not looking in my phtml files. Simple enough, I just added *.phtml to the list of extensions in the parsers preference.

Then I receive a big long error message that xgettext didn’t know what phtml.


Add pthtml to your list of extensions


You also need to add " -L php” to the end of your Parser command

xgettext --force-po -o %o %C %K %F -L php`

Poedit Parse PHP `

Did this help you out? It took me a few days to piece together all this information together, I hope this saves you some time (who knows, maybe the future me will be thankful I wrote this down). Let me know your thoughts. shanestillwell@gmail.com