Understanding Subversion Vendor Branching

Hold on Cowboy

This blog post is pretty old. Be careful with the information you find in here. It's likely dead, dying, or wildly inaccurate.

### Update If you haven't switched to [Git](http://git-scm.com/) yet, you should. I can't think of one reason to use Subversion over Git, Git is better in almost every way.

Since I’m still a newbie at SVN, getting the hang of Vendor Branching has taken me a little longer than I’m willing to admit.

Here are some resources that I found helpful.

svn_load_dirs.pl file:///Users/shane/Sites/svn/test/vendor/drupal current drupal-5.16 -t 5.16

Then in your working copy “Subversion, look at me when I’m talking to you. I want you apply those changes I had you tag just a minute ago, to my working copy.  Make sure you keep my changes or I’ll have your head on a stick.”

svn merge file:///Users/shane/Sites/svn/test/vendor/drupal/5.15 file:///Users/shane/Sites/svn/test/vendor/drupal/current

Lastly. “Subversion, yeah, I’m talking to you. Commit these changes to my working copy and don’t give me any lip.”

svn committ -m "Upgrading from 5.15 to 5.16"

That’s how I understand things to be now….


Did this help you out? It took me a few days to piece together all this information together, I hope this saves you some time (who knows, maybe the future me will be thankful I wrote this down). Let me know your thoughts. shanestillwell@gmail.com